Songs to Get Over Her

One thing you have to have during a breakup is some good tunes to pull you through. Here are some of my top choices. Some of these songs aren’t 100% get over her songs, but they make me feel good and I generally don’t think about my ex when I’m jamming out.

First things first though, if you’re a girl and your trying to get over another girl you absolutely, positively have to have Tegan and Sara in your arsenal. There is no way to get your heart on the mend with out them. The twins know what to say, they understand. Their latest album Heartthrob will help heal your wounds. Listen to the entire album approximately 1000 times, all day everyday until you feel like you are ready to branch out to some different music, then listen to the entire album one more time.

Now on to my top five songs helping me through this breakup/divorce BS:

  1. Adele’s Rolling in the Deep: the lyrics and attitude are totally applicable to my situation and Adele’s voice is like a soothing honey lozenge.
  2. Katy Perry’s Roar: Look, I hate to admit it but this song is a good song for getting over someone. Even though there is something about Katy Perry that irks the poop outta me, I have to give her props for making this time a little easier. ( I can’t put my finger on it, but something about KP bugs me, but I secretly know the lyrics to most of her songs. There catchy, okay.)
  3. Santigold’s You’ll Find Away Remix version and I’m a Lady: You’ll find away is the shit! It doesn’t really have anything to do with breaking up, but the the beat is SICK! It totally makes me want to dance and grind it out with a hot, sexy rebound chick!  And I’m a Lady is just sassy as all get out.
  4. Tom Petty and The Heart breakers’ You Got Lucky: What a kiss off song! He is saying, Bitch, please! You were the lucky one when I found your broke-down ass, I’m paraphrasing here, but you get my gist. Just remember “Good love is hard to find”.
  5. Icona Pop’s I Love It: Again appropriate for my situation, I did get a feeling on a summer day (while her no job having ass was in Spain gallivanting around living it up, enjoying the “freedom” as she said!) And I did throw some of her shit down the stairs into the basement to rot….I digress…This is just a fun song to dance around to in your underwear and have fun with. It’ll make you feel better for sure. Check out the video

What are some of your must have songs to get over someone? List them in the comments below. Thanks for checking in!