Happy New Year!!

Hello! Hello! I’ve been MIA again! Such a long time since I’ve posted. Like always that’s a good thing! So many changes have taken place. I’ve been social, making friends, potential romantic connections,… Continue reading

Work It Out

Oh, Gosh. I’ve been absent, huh. Well that’s a good sign, I assure you. I’ve been meeting new people quite a bit. I met up with an OKCupid this past Saturday and it… Continue reading

Coffee for a Memory

I’ve been doing pretty well lately. Writing (i’m determined to make this my paying gig), reading a lot, spending time with my dog, thinking of all the amazing things I’m gonna do when… Continue reading

There is Hope

So I watched Stardust tonight and for a split second (okay a little bit longer) I felt like I could possibly, maybe, if the circumstances were right, want to love another human again…… Continue reading

Hump Day update: feelings and ish

Who is going to cremate me when I die? Seriously. It’s all I can think about tonight. I think about this a lot actually. It’s quite morbid, right? I can’t seem to help… Continue reading

Help! I Need Someone!

I’m struggling a little bit tonight. I’m seriously thinking about unblocking the EX on FB to see what she’s been up to, if anything. I don’t know why! I don’t understand how these… Continue reading


What’s more appropriate on the day before Thanksgiving than a list of what I’m thankful for?!! I’m so excited for this Thanksgiving. Oh, it’s gonna be good! So here is my list. It’s… Continue reading

I’m Just Kinda

Overwhelmed! I’m sipping my calming tea trying to go on with the day and yet all my co-workers feel the need to make jokes about my car damage or ask me over and… Continue reading

I’m a Wreck

Sooooooooo, I wrecked my car today! Right before my amazing, I’m-so-excited-for-the-weekend adventure. Oh man! Why? This lady in a minivan had the good mind to stop in the middle of an intersection/turn and… Continue reading

In Need of Distraction

Today feels  strange. It’s like slow-motion. I’m thinking about her. I don’t want to be sad or waste time and precious brain cells thinking about her. Thinking. About. Her.   No.   But… Continue reading